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This podcast series is all about content. We will be conversing on various topics ranging from Science, Art, Technology to Books, Movies, Philosophy and even Psychology. We will have various people with us who are no experts but have experienced or have worked in different fields. We aim to entertain the audience with a pinch of information and knowledge.

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Hello all, we are back with another special episode of All Fingers and Thumbs. We have a special guest all the way from the USA. Robert Adams is a consultant who helps students understand the importance of networking. We also talk about his love for chai and India.

—- Content of this Video —————-

00:00 – Snippet from the episode

00:31 – Welcoming the guest

02:50 – Reason behind Chai and Coaching

05:20 – How did Robert reach out to students

06:24 – Impact of COVID on jobs

08:52 – Necessity of soft skills for a job

11:27 – Helping student and work-life balance

21:21 – Secret of searching job in the USA

27:21 – Experience working in India

31:21 – One piece of advice for students

37:01 – Role of hobbies on the resume

39:25 – Bursting the Myths about the US

42:28 – Reach out to Robert Adams

Hello guys, we’re back again with the new #podcast where we have invited an awesome personality, Ricky Pond. He is an energetic dad who loves to keep his family’s feet shake on #Bollywood #songs and various other music. Let’s hear from him how he started his journey as a content creator on #tiktok and now on #instagramreels and gained immense popularity and love from people. So, guys watch the video and shower your love on him and our channel.

—- Content of this Video —————- 

00:00 – Intro 

02:06 – Welcome Ricky 

04:14 – Music Transcends Language 

04:56 – How did it all start? 

09:07 – Indian Dance 

10:51 – Understanding the beats and the rhythm 

14:01 – Graphic Designer by Profession 

14:53 – Receiving Appreciation 

16:55 – Started watching Bollywood 

21:10 – Make the first move 

23:25 – Reflection of Happiness 

24:48 – Collab with celebrities 

32:00 – Compromising Privacy 

34:55 – Best and the worst thing about going viral? 

38:03 – Goodbye

We’re back for the third time now. It’s been a month since we started this #podcast series. It is going really great. The love and support we’re getting from you guys help us go far and beyond. As it is the 3rd podcast we’re bringing a topic to discuss which has a lot of significance with 3. It is on start-ups and entrepreneurship. We’ve lined up two guests for you who are doing something really good and trendy.

One of our guests is Mr Ramit who is a #foodpreneur and runs his business named “Hindustani VadaBhau”. While the other guest is Mr Mihir Patel, running an #Agri-Tech business “ZeroFarms” whose idea is quite different when we talk about farming.

So, guys listen to their stories on how to handle and run a successful business. You will love to listen to their stories as they are awesome. 

—- Content of this video —————-

00:00 – Intro and Facts around Startups

02:19 – Welcoming guests

04:02 – What is Hydroponic Farming?

06:05 – Origins of Hindustani Vadabhau

16:22 – Origins of Zero Farms

29:34 – Why can’t we use Hydroponic Farming across India?

40:33 – Getting the first customer

57:23 – Dealing with setbacks

01:03:45 – Coming up with creative ideas

01:10:09 – Inspiration to keep going with the startup

01:15:40 – Final Goodbye and reach out to us.

We’re back with the second episode of All Fingers and Thumbs where I and Harshvardhen will talk about office life with three of our guests. We’ll discuss productivity, work-life balance, work from home, and temperature. We are sure that you will like to learn about our guests.

This is a fun-filled episode with a pinch of physical and mental well-being. Working from home has been an eternal dream for a lot of people. However, this ever-lasting pandemic has put all of us in a situation where work-from-home is the only option we have. It feels good to be at home, in our comfort zone. But, after a while, it takes a toll on our mental health as there is a lack of interaction with our colleagues and teammates.

Watch the podcast and get to know various perspectives of our guests as well as our hosts on productivity, work-life balance and how to deal with a creative emptiness!

—- Content of this video —————-

00:00 – Blooper and Intro

03:40 – Productivity and Rewards

14:02 – Difference in WFH and working at the office

26:54 – Work culture during the pandemic in Ireland

30:44 – What if everything gets back to normal?

39:54 – Work-Life balance during COVID

51:58 – Idea of an ideal productive day

58:47 – Thank you for joining and reach out to us.

Hi peeps, the wait’s over now. We’re here with our first All Fingers and Thumbs episode, where our guests will share their experiences and impacts throughout their engineering lives. Along with our hosts, we have two guests lined up for the episode.

This episode is all about how differently we all chose and felt, yet ended up in Engineering. A couple of goof-ups, a couple of failures and a serious career transition! It recalls all the drama that we felt or generated during our engineering days. There is a feeling of nostalgia and many engineers may go in retrospect to focus on their engineering days.

Listen without any bias to this podcast and without thinking about something negative happening in your life. In this podcast, people’s stories remind us all to be persistent and open-minded about life. Approach all and embrace it all as if it is new!

—- Content of this video —————-

00:00 – Intro and the beginning

02:24 – Career updates with the guests

04:03 – Journey of Engineering

09:02 – Major shift from Engineering

16:51 – Embarrassing moments of Engineering life

25:20 – Dealing with failures

35:31 – Life after Engineering

52:00 – Goodbye and Reach out to us.

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