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Our brain is like any other body part, it needs to stay healthy to be resilient. Many of us are still in a dilemma about mental health. To make people aware of mental health, we have initiated a FAQ series related to mental health. All the questions are answered by Veena Panjwani who is a Psychotherapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has her office with the name “SWAYAM – For Uncluttered Minds”.

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Mental Health Disorder Statistics of India

Indians Suffer from Mental Disorders
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Total Psychiatrists in India
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Annual Expense on Mental Health
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Why Mental Health is Important?

A simple question baffles a lot of us. We live in a society where we have made a lot of advancements and became progressive over the centuries. Yet, when it comes to the basic understanding of mental health, we have a very little amount of information and awareness. So, let us try to get informed and help each other to stop the stigma.

Here, we have our creative consultant Brijesh Panchal in conversation with a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Psychologist Veena Panjwani, to talk about various concepts and to clarify misconceptions of mental health.

I feel low sometimes, shall I visit the therapist?

We, humans, have 5 innate emotions – Anger, Happiness, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust. As it is obvious that only one of these is a pleasant emotion. Hence, it is natural to have fluctuations in our moods. Sometimes we may get excited and at other times we may feel low. But, to feel low for a significant amount of time can be a sign of caution! It becomes essential in such a condition to have a conversation about it with a professional.

Here, RiffScript’s Creative Consultant Brijesh Panchal along with a well-known Psychotherapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist Veena Panjwani is talking about what is it to feel low and when do we need to see a therapist?

What are the diseases that affect the mind and how to get help?

Physical illness and diseases are quite common and we have a lot of information about various types and their impact on our body. However, we fail to take into account how all these diseases affect our mind! It is a misconstrued notion of considering our psyche and body are unrelated.

Here, RiffScript’s Creative Consultant Brijesh Panchal is having a conversation with a Psychologist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist Veena Panjwani to understand the impact of physical illness on our mind and how to get better?

What are the disorders related to mental health?

To err is human! We are prone to make mistakes. Yet, we believe in the illusion of perfection. It is important to consider and accept our limitations and the changes we feel in our moods. Various factors create prejudice about the world and ourselves in our subconscious mind. Hence, a lot of us may have various fears which make us feel trapped!

To understand the causes and effects of stage fear, decision making, and anxiety have on our psychology and our physiology; let us watch the conversation between RiffScript’s Creative Consultant Brijesh Panchal and Vadodara’s well-known Psychotherapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist Veena Panjwani.

This is the final video of this series, we will be coming up with different content. Help us in spreading awareness.

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