Our Portfolio

Dr. Manali Shah

Dr Manali Shah is an experienced physiotherapist specializing in Parkinson’s disease. Her clinic is located in Akota, Vadodara.

Kuldip Photography

Kuldip Chaudhary is an Agra based photographer specializing in wedding, pre-wedding, and event photography.

DesiChef Kitchen

DesiChef Kitchen is an urban cafe located in Vadodara, which is run by an experienced chef Nakul Solanki.

Marvans Mobile

Marvans Mobile is a business focuses on selling and repairing of apple products. There are multiple stores located in Vadodara.

Sharmishtha Solanki

Sharmishtha Solanki is an Professor at SPU and a social worker. We helped her to create an inspiring story based on her personal struggle.