10 reasons why hostinger is the best hosting provider

10 Reasons Why Hostinger is the Best Hosting Provider

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Web hosting isn’t a term that comes to people’s minds until required, but it is one of the internet’s pillars. Without web hosting services, your favourite sites, podcasts, and videos would be in a completely different stage, and most likely in a bothersome fashion.

If you’re looking to kick off a business or broadening an existing one, you’ll require a good web host. Hostinger is one such option, providing solid and dependable plans that can help you go digital in no time.

Let’s take a look and see why Hostinger is the option if you are looking for the best web hosting services:

Easy to Use

User friendly is the term that everyone needs and Hostinger have it in its pockets. It comes pre-configured so that you don’t have technical problems to deal with. It is extremely helpful for those who are new to this service and do not know much about it.

Hostinger enables you with a more user-friendly experience of cPanel or in layman terms your web administrator panel. Extremely aiding tool for handling more than a hundred applications with ease.

It is one of the simplest hosting servers in the market, and that’s what makes it so enticing. It can handle CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or any other CMS without breaking a sweat.

Domain Names

Hostinger delivers you free domain services if you pay for the premium or business plan. It offers a
plethora of extensions that will be essential since they are relocated and global. They are an
excellent choice for any project or business.

Similarly, it also provides an ample variety of extensions that are quite vital for the development of
the website. The most notable are:

  • .com
  • .es
  • .net
  • .site
  • .website
  • .online
  • .store
  • .tech
  • .space


Hostinger gives you a professional email with your personalized domain. This is an awesome advantage to keep your company in touch with your clients and to strengthen your brand.

It offers a service named ‘Flockmail’, which is very crucial for the utilization of conferences or meetings that are broadcasting live. It has a huge capacity of approximately fifty people for a swift and reliable solution.

It puts forward two professional mail plans, where it hands over a discount of up to 55%. Also, with the capacity of 2 mail filters or for a few bucks more, unlimited mail filters.


Hostinger is made up of a database that plays a crucial role in the development of a web project. If you want to develop an organized web, you need to be able to create several databases.

Some hosting providers limit the use of a database, which is a great disadvantage in the good development of a website. Hostinger in some of their plans provides you with an unlimited database, which is a great advantage if the web project is extensive and bulky.

It also makes use of an open-source tool called MySQL database as it is the most used tool for
software developers in modern content such as WordPress.

Alters made through any CMS will be recorded in the MySQL database. The updates are easily visible to all the users.


Hostinger has more than 100 applications that are very useful to make your web project more
creative. The most extensively used tools are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal CMS. With the help of them, you can develop your projects with ease.

Creating a website is extremely easy with drag and drop options. It takes only a few moments to create a website and take it to the top. Moreover, it is accompanied by SEO positioning.


The storage capacity is according to the plan you choose. These can range from 10 GB for a single
WordPress plan to 2 TB for VPS server plans.

It should be noted that the disks they use are SSD for extreme speeds. It guarantees a much higher speed of service, a feature that many other providers do not have.


Hostinger makes transfers quite easily. Domain transfers can better be done from the domain administration panel no matter which provider you have chosen.

It is important to note that, once you buy a domain, more than 60 days must have passed since the registration of the domain or the last transfer.

Just begin with writing the email address and customer number and you’re done! You must take into account that the time it takes to complete the transfer varies depending on the extension of the domain.

Usually, it takes no more than 5 days. So, don’t worry, your domain is safe.


This is one of the most crucial points according to many people who are looking for a hosting plan. Most hosting providers have the same capacity to host a certain number of websites.

For the lower plans, they offer only one domain hosting, which is not always recommended. It’s better to pay a few bucks extra to have more and better quality sites without any hassle.

You should take into account the other characteristics before making different websites, such as storage capacity and data transfer.

If you don’t take them into consideration the hosting can become saturated and turn into a low speed of load in the server.

SSL Certificate

Hostinger offers you an SSL certificate which is quite beneficial. It offers you a variety of features like safety, server authenticity, automatic client authentication, and extensibility.

It is free, but you can pay a little more for the other plans.

A website is highly insecure and vulnerable to data theft if you do not use an SSL certification.

Quality of Support

Hostinger offers you a quality product so you won’t have problems during its use. You can have many questions along the way, to which the technical support will give a quick reply without any trouble.

Using Hostinger is of great benefit since, the doubts, no matter how small, can be clarified in a matter of minutes. Besides, it offers you an e-mail so that you can contact us at any time.

It also offers 24/7 live chat so there will be no problem contacting Hostinger’s technical support.


Looking at such benefits, it is easy to come to a point that Hostinger is the best hosting solution right now.

Hostinger is a trusted name offering the best and affordable web hosting solutions for small as well as large websites. So if you’re looking to cut costs on web hosting, then you can definitely opt for Hostinger.

Find out more about Hostinger India – https://www.hostinger.in/ 

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