9 Awesome Google Trends for Content Marketing

google trends for content

Google is a helpful free tool for content marketing. Utilizing this tool can help you prepare your content marketing strategy as it identifies topics that resonate with your target audience and create compelling content.

Here are some tricks about Google Trends that you can implement in your marketing efforts.

Use People's Search as Trump Card

The vital motive to use Google Trends is to learn and understand what people search for related to your business and utilize it to produce targeted content featuring in-demand keywords to enhance website traffic. If you’re creating content with low search volumes, adding keywords, people frequently search could allow your website to rank higher in search results.

Google Trends

Investing in content that your target market isn’t searching for, is a waste of time and effort.

Use Search and Filters Appropriately

To attain the most suitable search results, it is essential to apply search tools and filters appropriately. It can help eliminate irrelevant data and make sure that the information you access isn’t skewed with incorrect information. The classification of SEO trends by category is also a smart way. It can have a notable influence on the information provided by Google Trends.

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For instance, if you wanted to search for information about the Hobart Hurricanes, you don’t want the local weather forecasting report. You want data and relevant keywords about the professional cricket team. By applying the sports category, it will aid you in removing the weather-related results.

Keyword Research

Google’s Keyword Planner is a go-to source for discovering keywords for upcoming SEO endeavors. Still, Google Trends can serve to reveal different yet relevant keywords you might miss if you only use the Keyword Planner. The algorithms used for suggested keywords are different in both applications, so using both, you could end up with extra keywords you might have otherwise avoided.

Forecast Seasonal Peaks

The searches for a particular keyword changes over time. Whereas some keywords, such as “umbrella,” are trendy for some time, but eventually go out of fashion when the monsoon is over. Various keywords experience annual or seasonal peaks. For example, people are more likely to research flags around Independence Day or Flag Day than during New Year, because of the seasonal demand for flags.

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Seasonal peaks don’t mean that they have to line up with federal holidays or with the actual seasons. There are a plethora of reasons a keyword might peak during certain times of the year. Forecasting seasonal peaks can aid you in creating more timely and accurate content, such as blog posts, before the peak ends.

Optimize Website Content Before Seasonal Peaks

If you’re planning on optimizing your web pages, it’s best to do it ere seasonal peaks. For instance, if a service that your company provides is most searched in July, optimizing the content by June would give it the chance to perform its best. While it is always better to optimize content as soon as possible, knowing when it is most likely to be effective can help you plan and prioritize what needs to be taken care of first.

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Skip Writing About Falling Trends

By accessing Google Trends, you can know when keywords start to fall short. You can avoid writing content about diminishing trends, as there are likely more relevant topics that you can produce content about to get the best performance from your investment. It can save you time and a lot of effort that would otherwise be spent generating less effective content.

Create an Awesome Editorial Calendar

Creating an efficient editorial calendar can be tricky, especially after you have addressed many FAQs people have about your company’s products or services. Identify such sublime topics that your target market requires to read.

Employing Google Trends is a way to start brainstorming about blog topics for your website, as you can look for keyword suggestions, see what is marketable, and what competitors are doing. As trends evolve all the time, you can continually rely on this tool to promote content ideas.

Identify Geo Areas Needing Your Services

One most overlooked Google Trends strategy is locating the areas that need your services and investing in campaigns directly targeting them.

As an illustration, if you analyze, there are millions of searches for Kashmiri apples in Gujarat each month; there is a good chance that there isn’t a good source for Kashmiri Apples in Gujarat. If your company sells Kashmiri Apples through an e-commerce platform, it could make sense to invest money and time into geo-targeted ad campaigns and blogs that focus on the Gujarat area. This way, you can apply information gathered from Google Trends to address a genuine necessity.

Improve Your Video Strategy

Since Google controls YouTube, you can obtain a lot of data about what is appropriate for creating your own YouTube strategy. Many people prefer to view videos, but creating related content is a top-notch way to take advantage of both. If something is trending on YouTube, it could make an attractive blog post on your website. If a blog post topic gains a lot of attention, you can consider creating a video version for YouTube.

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Whether you’re a marketing manager, business owner, or freelance writer, Google Trends is a free tool that’s simple to use to improve your content strategy. The platform supplies you with direction on keyword ideas, seasonal peaks, and future interests.

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