5 Event Management Strategies to Drive ROI

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According to the survey by Statista in 2018 shows that US marketers generate 79% of their sales using event marketing. No one can deny the effectiveness of event marketing.

Smart event management companies know the recipe for preparing the successful events that can enhance the sales as well as drive their ROI.

There are a plethora of aspects of event marketing that directly signifies that how engaged attendees will be with your brand.

To achieve most of your event marketing, be sure to consider the following tips:

Go for Inbound Marketing Strategies

According to the studies, inbound marketing is a proven methodology for the digital age. Inbound marketing plays a vital role in creating and distributing personalized content via multiple channels. In this way, marketers can earn the interest of their audience and drive ROI.

Purchasing ad space and email lists can be expensive, and maybe ineffective. Generating content that naturally hit the pain point of your audience is one of the best and most organic ways to have a successful marketing campaign.

Also, currently during the lockdown, live events are marvellous to garner consumer-generated content and drive ROI. It is useful to keep your brand and the client relevant in the minds of attendees even after the event has passed.

Incorporate Innovative Tech

Technology has completely transformed event management agencies. Ensure that you are utilizing the right technology so that attendees can have a unique and personalized experience. It is necessary for planners to employ the tech that they use, to make the event fun and customized.

The best way to gain ROI is to try creating something innovative that can gain attention.

Currently, attendees don’t need to be present to take part in your event. GPS and real-time video streaming have made the event local as well as global where people can be a part of the event in the comfort of their home.

Sony, recently held a Playstation 5 launch on a live stream so that they can capture more people and gain the attention of their potential buyers.

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Credits: Gamespot

Make sure that you pay attention to what technology you’re implementing at your event so that it fits in with your audience and pushes the boundaries of past events.

Tell a Good Story

Telling stories is a compelling method to create an immersive experience for your attendees. Event marketing is just about stories so that your attendees can experience the product and service that you are pitching.

Make sure that you have taken time at the outset to cultivate your story, and that you know how you will tell it.

Use Gamification to Boost Audience Participation

Gamification aims to increase engagement among your attendees. A fact suggests that engaged attendees are more likely to share your event with their network, have positive feelings about your brand and less likely to leave your event early.

A mobile app EventMobi during their event allows attendees to participate in fun challenges such as meeting someone new, finding the CEO or competing to have the most check-ins to engage their attendees in a unique way to drive their ROI.

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Credits:  Incharged

End as Strong as You Start

Luring the right audience, converting leads, and selling event tickets are the headaches for an event marketing agency. Measuring and analyzing the data you’ve collected from all your marketing efforts is the turning point in the marketing cycle.

Surveys, CRM and Email Marketing are efficient ways to stay connected with your audience. Having detailed information about your attendees, and a unique channel committed to hear and address attendee’s feedback is a crucial element to event marketing success.

Getting the details about the attendees can help the company to convert the lead into a sale.

Rated #1 Digital Marketing Firm

Planning a memorable event is all about engaging attendees. As an event marketing agency, figure out the attendee’s pain points and use inbound marketing techniques, a solid story and innovative technology to keep them happy and engaged.

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